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At the end of March, four of the  color Green belts would be attempting their 2nd Kyu Brown belts.

Since early this  year they've been putting a lot in their preparing , as they know it would be a tough test,  whereby  they would need to show all that they have learn during those years practising Karate.

In April, during the Easter Gasshuku( Trainig Camp) three of our senior brown belts would also be attempting their Shodan test, which is definitely a hard task, whereby a lot of preparation would be needed.

Especially, when it comes to kumite, whereby they will have to do 20 fights continuous, with each fight lasting 2 minutes. But i think with proper training & mind conditioning they would be able to succeed in their attempt, as they've been waiting for the time to come after 3 years as a brown belt.


12th March

On Wednesday 12th March, two members of the Ashihara Karate School, Martin Lebon & Sumita Joubert underwent a grueling/tense grading test which lasted two hours and fifty -five minutes for their 2nd Kyu Brown belt.

The grading, which was held at the Mont Fleuri District Administration Dojo, was conducted by the Ashihara Karate Seychelles, Branch Chief, Sensei Egbert Moustache a 3rd Dan black belt.

Mike Azemia  also participated in the grading test, as part of his assessment and preparation for his Shodan grading test later during the year.

All the karatekas were required to demonstrate the basic and advanced techniques of Ashihara Karate whilst standing as well as whilst moving in different stances.

During Renraku, the Karateka  had  to demonstrate various hand and foot combination. They were also required to perform kata up to the brown belt level and their application with a partner. They were also required to demonstrate their ability to defenses and counter attacks to various real life situations using  Sabaki Techniques. 

Kumite was undoubtedly the toughest part of the test. The testing candidates had to fight 12 opponents under the sabaki rules (Full Contact) continuously, with each fights lasting 2 minutes.

All the karatekas aptly demonstrated the spirit of Ashihara Karate by their continuous fighting although tired. Throughout all fights, they were cheered on by fellow colleagues who were all impressed by their fighting techniques in spite of exhaustion. At the end of their fights, they were both still standing as if asking for more.

After the grading session, Sensei Egbert informed them that they had succeeded in their tests, with Martin being graded to Ni-Kyu (full Brown Belt) whilst Sumita was promoted to the rank of  Ni-Kyu Ho (Provisional Brown Belt).


April 2003

During the Easter Training camp, three of the Senior Student Attempted their Shodan-Ho Black belt  & Ni-Kyu Brown Belt test. At the end of the training camp their were inform that they all have pass their test and promoted to the respective grade.

Therefore, with the promotion we now have four black belt on Mahe and two on La Digue, making it six registered A.K.I black belt in Seychelles.

August 2003

As every year the Ashihara Karate Team who participated in the Ashihara, Taekwondo, All Style & sabaki Challenge championship in South Africa  did very well with the few competitors we had.

We return home with 10 medals in all, with 3 Gold, 2 Silver and 5 Bronze.

The outline of the Seychelles team was young Karateka, artin Lebon who was able to gather 2 gold in kata and Clicker Kumite.