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Ashihara Karate

Ashihara Karate was founded by Kancho Hideyuki Ashihara.

Kancho Ashihara  was born outside Hiroshima on December 5th 1944. He began his martial arts study at the age of ten, Japan. When he was 15 yrs old, he moved to Tokyo and started work as at a petrol station. But it was after six yrs in Tokyo that Kancho entered his first karate club (kyokushinkai Dojo). Due to his Stubborness, perseverance  intense training  and participation  in every possible training session, he was gradually graded to higher dan and even being made an Instructor in the Kyokushinkai.

He perform so well in his task, that he was ask to travel to Brazil  to instruct. But unfortunately it was not to be, as he got into a fight and defeated five persons who attacked him in the street. The police report the incident to his superior at the Kyokushinka Honbu Dojo, whereby he was suspended from training. After two months suspension he was pardoned and sent to Nomura on the island Shikoku in Southern Japan.

After three months he was called back to Tokyo and received a new chance to travel to Brazil, but he decline and as he wanted to continue the work he has started in Nomura. He was granted, and as from that point his reputation as a fighter and instructor started to spread in that part of Japan and later to other part of Japan.

It was during this period that the concept of Sabaki was developed by Kancho, and Ashihara Karate   three principal points was formed . Preparation and the use of the four positions represented by the circular symbol of Ashihara Karate became the first point. The importance of timing and evaluation of distance became the second point and the third point being the stances, which must always be maintained whatever the situation to give maximum mobility.

Eventhough Kancho was still associated with the Kyokushinkai, he continue to spread Ashihara Karate   to other city in Japan, with the construction in 1979 of the Honbu Dojo Building for NIKO-Ashihara Kaikan.


The fact that Ashihara was spreading so rapidly, the instructors in neighbouring districts  started complaining, therefore Kancho decided to resign from the Kyokushinkai to avoid conflict. It was with this background that Kancho Hideyuki Ashihara created New International Organisation (N.I.K.O) in September 1980, in order to continue developing his own Karate, Ashihara Karate.


Kancho Hideyuki Ashihara, passed away on April 1995, at the age of 50 yrs old and his son Hidenori Ashihara Took over the  leadership of N.I.K.O. It was at time that the senior Student of the late Kancho Hideyuki started to left N.I.K.O due to problem with the new head, i.e Joko Ninomira(Enshin Karate), Kaicho Hoosain Narker(Ashihara Karate International).



Words quoted by  Kancho Hideyuki

"am not aiming for a style that results in a mass of failures, while producing one superman, more a style where the enthusiast can continue training for a lifetime, improving gradually without dropping out on the way. . ." 

"If you think you cannot do it, then you cannot. If you think you can, seek deeply, and you will always find a way"